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Does your website adapt to the mobile web? Websites are no longer one-size fits all. TranscenDevelopment creates websites that respond to the viewers screen size to provide the optimal layout regardless of the size of the viewers screen or device.


Responsive Web Design in Action

Responsive web design isn't an entirely new concept, yet the term still seems to confuse many. To help demonstrate the difference between a non-responsive website and a responsive website, here is a video that shows the Transcend website without a non-responsive layout and then again with a responsive layout.


In the responsive layout, note the way the multi-column layout collapses into dual column and single column layouts as the viewing size shrinks. The images and font-sizes also adapt to the screen size. In the smallest size, some parts of the site simply turn off to ensure a faster load time for phones.


Why Responsive Web Design?

If the benefits aren't clear, let's put it this way, the shift to mobile devices is gaining momentum by the day. Today, more people are surfing the web on a tablet than a laptop. If your website hasn't been created in a responsive manner you're potentially directing 50% or more of your viewers to an unusable website.

So, why not a Separate Mobile Site?

Mobile websites are an archaic way to adapt to the mobile web. These days a mobile device could be as small as a tiny iPhone, or as larger as a giant iPad tablet. A responsive website can be created with unique layouts for every potential device size. A mobile website is just another one-size fits all way of developing a website.


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